Watch world cup soccer at your desk for FREE thanks to broadband online video access…

So, for some weekend & midweek fun, ESPN will be streaming 52 of the 64 World Cup soccer games live on ESPN360, the Disney unit’s broadband video channel. However, ESPN360 is only available to a small handful of broadband providers–the majority of which could be classified as “local.” Verizon is the largest national provider that makes the list, but no Cox, no Comcast, and–sorry, New York area folks–no Time Warner cable. Luckily, Wired Magazine is telling die-hard fans how to see the games on the Web. We have Chinese hackers to thank for “almost exclusively” pirating WC streams and rerouting them through servers in Israel – go figure! One shouldn’t expect the commentary to be in English, however. To see BBC broadcasts–which purists who prefer English commentators will enjoy– offers a way to use public proxies to fool the BBC into thinking you’re in the U.K. Wired mentions that it’s unclear whether any of this is illegal in the U.S., but FIFA–the soccer’s world governing body that’s responsible for the massive show–would certainly “frown upon” it.

Either way, to learn how to enjoy the games FREE while you are at work in the coming weeks, follow Wired’s simple instuctions here…,71112-0.html?tw=rss.index

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