WIth the FCC out of the way & the internet giving the ability to anyone to start a web-channel, in Part 1 (Publishing companies…the next networks?) I wrote about the advantages that traditional publishers have in doing so. By adding proprietary video content, with captive, worldwide audiences – they are poised to becoming the new niche networks. Competing with the networks we know today.

When talking to publishers about the evolution of print, I mention talk about technology that will help to push this all forward. Prototypes for flexible screens are making their way around technology circles. In the not too distant future, we will not print on paper, but carry a flexible screen that we can fold up in our briefcases or purses. These screens will accept a signal similar to WiFi or WiMax in order to be able to download the latest edition of any of the ‘publications’ we subscribe to. The look and feel will be very similar to paper, except for the fact that there will only be one page. No more problems with the Sunday Times blowing away in the breeze while we idle our time away on a park bench…and think of all those trees being saved!

The main point is, these screens will be a window into a new world. A world that is carving itself up right now via our computer screens. The big publishers that embrace the online channel concept now and stake a claim along with the networks online, will surely win (meaning you are no longer a printed publication surviving on just the written word – so wake up!). The laggers will be left behind as younger, more agile, start-up ‘publications’ produce intriguing content – for pennies on the dollar.

Most people have never seen or heard of this, and I often come across as an alien when describing the concept. One of the most layman friendly articles I have read on the subject is below. Read it, then stop looking at me as if I were E.T.

Nanocrystal Displays & Flexible Screens
Using quantum dots to make vibrant, flexible screens.
This is the stage of development for flexible screens.  These will eventually build out as screens we can roll up like a newspaper to receive any magazine or newspaper wirelessly – saving our trees and forests.  Books will all be on subscriptions and the world’s libraries will all move online.


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