There has been plenty of debate over whether gaming can be a legitimate venue for brands to communicate.

Given our relationships with brands, I can think of no better place. Think about it? Brands are ingrained in our lives in ways we do not care to admit.  It is why we buy the cars we buy, travel to the places we travel to, and desire who we desire…Why else would be be embarrassed to be seen wearing one thing, while proud of another?

The Walter Mitty in us emulates what we associate ourselves with. Anyone who spends any time playing video games knows that in the game we do exactly the same thing with one exception. We do it sans-disguise. In other words, video games help us come out of the closet. In these worlds, we openly pretend to be what we are not. We will overtly and admittedly associate ourselves with the brands that fit our alter egos.

Games are a perfect marriage of the two worlds (real & brand worlds).  A place for the alter ego & subconscious we do not want to admit to, to be able to roam freely…

For brands that play with authenticity, they can become the drivers.

They are our avatars – the perfect foil!

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