Remember pop-ups? As we all know, they fell to the fate of pop-up blocking software…

We don’t even think about them now, as all of today’s top browsers have the feature built in. While advertisers still use pop-ups, over 90% of them are now blocked by the built in software. Pop-ups that do get through tend to annoy rather than inform their prospective customer base, ultimately creating a negative relationship with the brand.

But most advertisers have learned and moved on to more sophisticated banner, flash & targeted video campaigns. But what started with banner and pop-up blocking technology is evolving into a more comprehensive ad-blocking technology set.

Development is now well underway to help consumers block advertising that is getting in the way of their content viewing. The core of this new software will be able to root out communications buried deep within the code of any page in order to be able to filter out the most gimmicky Java or Ajax attention grabbers. The best of this software is programmed simply like ad syndication in reverse. What databases do you want to block as opposed to what databases you will accept syndication from.

Even traditional television is moving to an all digital platform by the end of 2008, making it more susceptible to consumer ad-blocking software that will be able to be installed on laptops or TV’s. The networks know this and as a result have started to experiment with ‘less obtrusive’ ways to disrupt programming with their messages. These attempts make the networks seem more like programmers trying to build a program safe from viruses. No sooner are they able to invent a new way to stop consumers from missing their messages than consumers are…well…coming up with new ways to stop watching their messages.

What does this mean for advertisers? Integrate…integrate…integrate! Until brands figure this out, the lucky ones will resort to old television techniques such as program sponsorship, or good ol’ product placement. If your content is not integrated with an offering that consumers want to see it will eventually get blocked. Is this so hard to understand? Simple really. Bring a consumer something of value that they want to watch as opposed to a commercial that gets in the way of something that they are already watching.

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