I swore I would not write anything about the iPhone. I mean really…at this point, what has not been said? The biggest debate has been on cost. Who will pay $500-$600 dollars for a phone with no carrier discounts? Yes, for a phone this is expensive. But a phone this is not.

This is a mobile PC, and a cheap one at that. One that is about to change how many people use a wireless network. So, for those of you that are still waiting for Apple to design another Newton-like device, Iโ€™ve got news for you – this is it.

Most people in the United States own 2 devices. A phone and a PC. One is used for voice, the other for data and email.

In Asia, most people have one device, a phone for all of the above.

My bet is that the iPhone changes America’s relationship to their โ€˜phoneโ€™ to more closely resemble the habit of our Asian friends, where one device is all you may need.

For many people, owning a PC is a luxury, high ticket item. My bet is that the iPhone will be viewed by many people as a great AFFORDABLE option as an all around communications device rather than as an expensive phone. I am willing to say that many people, especially young adults, would choose this over a PC if given the option. Yes, I know that you cannot do your homework on the iPhone, but this is a launch model. You can bet Apple has several follow up models behind this one in addition to a whole host of applications like Office ready to run on itโ€™s streamlined OS.

The iPhone is a layman’s PC bargain, one that is about to change our communications habits while it challenges our notion of personal computing.

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