Just when you thought you knew who would be responsible for bringing mobile content to market…you were wrong.

More and more the shift to deliver content over mobile devices is falling to the handset makers. Competition amongst handset makers has become so fierce that manufacturers fight for favor with the carriers for ways to better feature their devices. Carriers ask the handset makers to throw in products and services other than the usual manufacturer rebate in order to help the carrier sell the device, in addition to allowing the carrier to mark up these services at an added profit margin for themselves.

Make no mistake – this is a big deal as it is akin to television set manufacturers getting involved in the development of the content.

Take a look at Nokia’s public entree into the content creation and delivery space at: http://www.ovi.com
At launch the service will primarily focus on services surrounding online photo sharing, map services, music delivery & gaming.

Sprint has also launched Sprint Exclusive Entertainment, the first wireless TV network to be produced in house by a major U.S. carrier. http://www.sprint.com/landings/see/?id8=vanity:see

This is also a big opportunity for Brands to participate in the development of the content as the handset makers look for valuable, household name partners in order to lower their risk as they enter this new market.

Everyone knows mobile content will be big business. Some regions of the world have developed faster than others due to technological advancement, ubiquitous standards or simply lifestyle differences. Whatever market you are in, the delivery of content over a mobile device will be yet another service that we will not be able to live without.

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