A few years back I wrote a small post on ADD, and the fact that we treat it as if it is a disease. Not so. Like it or not, ADD is simply part of our evolution as a species. Evolution used to happen over long periods of time, barely noticeable. Today, just as we are what we eat, we are what we create and our technology is as much a reflection of who we are as it is a reflection of what we are about to become. Simply put, apply Moore’s law to ourselves and the new speed at which we are evolving makes noticeable evolution the order of the day. ADD may be the first tangible proof of that, as we rush to label behaviours that we find hard to accept or understand – our minds and bodies racing to keep up with the pull and distractions of our own invention.

Social Media, a derivative of our core psychology as social beings is nothing new. What is new is how the fast-paced evolution of technology extends the interconnectedness of us all without boundaries. It is how we now communicate.

History tells us, that if we are to be a part of evolution, we need to evolve to survive – those who do not will die.

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