If technology in development by the likes of Google (Android) and some of the top handset makers(Nokia, Motorola, LG) is any indication, social is about to get a lot more integrated into mobile.  Forget that iPhone Facebook app, I’m talking about full integration of social as if the device were built to serve all of your streams and all apps/networks were able to talk to one another.  As the lines between communication tools blur and we look to aggregation networks to help us distribute and collect all of our communications, these devices and their software are bound for yet another major milestone.  While the iPhone and all of it’s apps are a major step forward, the device itself – like many others, evolved from the phone with voice as the focal point.  Fact is – we all talk less – type more.  What if devices (both hardware and software) were designed for and by our new communication tools and networks of choice leaving the remnants of Ma Bell behind us?  Another revolution may be afoot and you can bet it will be an open platform which may level the playing fied between Apple and everyone else.
Take a look at the following for current developments in the marketplace:

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