First the launch of Google Wave followed by the folks at Mozilla with Raindrop.  Being a beta user of Google Wave it is clear to see it’s value although hard to validate given how few of my network are on the service.  Mozilla Raindrop is still in dev and it seems it will connect to the cloud via a desktop client of sorts.

Regardless of where these two technologies net out, I am sick of having to check 5 different feeds and respond to messages on multiple platforms (despite everyone’s attempt at integration).  Isn’t it about time the technology started to work for us, as opposed to us working for it?

Take a look at Raindrops demo…

<p>Raindrop UX Design and Demo from Mozilla Messaging on Vimeo.</p>

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One thought on “ Messaging evolves…it has to! ”

  1. Raindrop? More like a thunderstorm of innovation. It’s good to see standard apps re-imagined with the kind of fresh thinking usually reserved for the best Hollywood remakes. How about a browser with this messaging platform incorporated, in a "picture in picture" format? No more checking for messages–they’d just appear. You’d scale it and organize it on the fly.

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