Some say that Facebook is poised to take over the web. That all content will eventually come to us via the recommendation engine that Facebook is building. ‘Like’ has already become a part of our lexicon. To ‘Like’ is as if we have combined credibility and love in the same word. The practical and emotional all wrapped up into one. To ‘Like’ is a chameleon that allows for an impersonal, professional recommendation as much as it can embody the intimate when referred by a family member.

To navigate to a Facebook page in the near future may not be to check on friends, but may simply be to control your social preferences across all destinations sites from a centralized hub. A socialized control room that will map your interactions in preparation for when you cross paths with friends while reading the NYTimes, when browsing Dailymotion, scanning Digg or what about parking recommendations when driving your car.

And then of course you have the privacy concerns along with it’s pundits. If you are worried about your privacy now and the complexity of managing those settings – it may be getting a whole lot more complicated. While I am definitely concerned about my own personal privacy, the world is changing as new generations welcome a more open exchange.

As this evolves, Facebook itself may no longer become the place to see and be seen – but by then it won’t really matter. By then Facebook will be ‘the brain’ that drives our collective consciousness online. I Like!

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