As PRNewser points out, QR Codes are popping up all over the place, and have become a popular marketing tool.

However, given narrow adoption and the fact that companies like Google are looking to other technologies such as Near Field Communications (NFC), will QR codes survive or become a fad of the times?
It’s a good question and the survival of QR Codes will most likely hinge on 2 important factors.
1. Adoption & Integration: Until smartphone manufacturers bundle software that make reading these codes a core component of smart-phones, consumers are left up to their own devices to find and, in some cases, buy the software that works for them. Integration is critical to adoption, and without manufacturer adoption this will be a fad.
2. Multi-tasking: The next step for QR Codes will be in multi-tasking, by delivering another level of scripting (auto-tasking) all within one code. As they stand right now, QR Codes are very one-dimensional. They can pull up a URL or dial a number, but imagine if they could prompt several tasks to complete all within one code. For example; scanning someone’s QR Code on the back of their business card automatically brings up their URL, programs your address book with their information, along with opening your calendar to see when you might be free for a follow up meeting with them.
If QR Codes evolve to enable various levels of multi-tasking and smartphone manufacturers see the value of delivering QR Code software as a part of core smart-phone software, then QR Codes may be in business for the long haul.


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