Will Showrunners run directly to consumers?

Will the traditional side of the entertainment business follow their digital upstarts and start to distribute directly to their audiences without a television network intermediary?

AppleMusic & the detail that may kill Spotify.

I love Spotify. When Beats first came out I went on the free trial and found that both the content curation and user experience (UX/UI) to be way better. For a first version I was amazed at how good Beats was. Back then Spotify was still a bit clunky and basic functions like searching your […]

Apps, the future of a new TV experience, and the death of the old.

What if apps did for TV’s and the entire viewing experience what apps did for phones? It was not so long ago that the idea of loading an app on a phone was not possible. The first iPhone did not allow this and it took some time before the API and …

Looking for some quick research or opinions on the cheap?

[View the story “Looking for some quick research or opinions on the cheap?” on Storify] Thanks to Thumb, you can do some quick qualitative research via an app. Storified by Jared Hendler· Wed, May 09 2012 07:38:27 Using Thumb I have been amazed at the quality and responsiveness of the replies. You can target men […]