Having recently installed a few new extensions for Mac’s newest Safari browser, I was surprised at how few people knew about these features (after mentioning this to a few friends).

 Browser extensions are like mini applications that run within each browser session and allow you to perform a series of tasks that you would ordinarily not be able to do without the extension.  A few great examples are:

 AutoPagerize: Loads long articles that would normally display over multiple pages all on one pages without having to ‘click’ on ‘next’ for each new page.

 FastestTube: Allows you to download YouTube videos directly from YouTube.

Coda Notes: Annotate, change any webpage in real-time right from within the browser and then send the image of the page along with the annotations to anyone via email. Great for developers, designers or editors.

Franker: Translate any page or selected text on a page into any language on the fly right on the page.

AdBlock:  Block any and ALL advertising on any page.  Another reason for my clients to better understand how to deliver contextual value vs advertising to their consumers.

These are just a few of the amazingly powerful things that your browser can help you with.

Safari extensions can be found here.
Firefox extensions here.

Happy browsing…

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