UK advertisers are set to spend more online by 2009 leaving TV trailing in overall media spend – This forecast was made by Group M, a subsidiary of WPP. Sweden is expected to experience that phenomenon THIS year. UK internet advertising revenues are expected to swell by more than 30% to £3.4bn this year. TV advertising, on the other hand, is expected to grow by less than 1% to £3.56bn in 2008. And by 2009, after Sweden, the UK is likely to become the world’s first major economy to witness the ascent of the internet past one of its biggest rival mediums in the advertising arena.

When it comes to local markets, pure play internet companies for the first time will control a larger share of the local online ad market than national newspaper sites. This according to a Borrell Associates report cited in the Wall Street Journal. Internet firms had 43.7% of the $8.5 billion local online ad market in 2007, compared to 33.4% for newspaper companies.

This all qualifies my point of the past two years in this blog; that changes are happening faster than we think. It is nice to finally see the larger holding companies recognize the fact – an acknowledgment which is sure to contribute to Moore’s law and continue to escalate the pace of change.

And don’t think that the UK & Sweden will not hold up to a US comparison. Granted, their viewing populations are smaller, as is their media inventory. But the digital media convergence, now global, effects us all and successful transformation no longer needs a passport.

Another point to all of this is our focus on Digital Media as an important component of the marketing mix. Digital Media is NOT a component, and in the near future we will not need to make this distinction. Why?…because it will ALL be Digital Media, so lets stop talking about it as if it where an alternative media strategy.

2008 will prove to be a faster ride than 2007, so strap on your seat belts.

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