With digital being all about the law of attraction, we strive to create programs with rich media content that will attract our client’s target. What has a better chance of success? Adoption; whereby we ‘adopt’ a trend or relationship that is already authentically connecting with both the target audience and closely aligned with the client beliefs, or Invention; whereby we invent, from scratch, an initiative, movement or trend in the hopes that what we think is brilliant will be just as well embraced by the consumer.

My vote is for adoption. We cannot be so naive as to think that we will have any better success at creating a winning concept over the entertaiment industry who have been fine tuning the process for years with limited success. True cultural hits are few and far between. We too are creative, but the risks of success are high and unlike the entertainment industry, our clients expect return every time.

I am not saying the days of creativity for us are over. What I am saying is that there is an abundance of cultural content waiting to be supported and the right partnership, can be a win for everyone.

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One thought on “ Adoption vs. Invention ”

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