I’d like to challenge the very term of mobile as being superfluous. When we talk about mobile, we inherently think about a specific point in time when we are ‘away’. A point between A and B. Whether it be literally in the form of our commute or business travel, or on a more figurative journey – exploring the best solutions for our rapidly evolving business.

Some of us think of mobile as determined by the device we are using. Aren’t they all built for mobile, and don’t we use them all in that way? When are we not mobile…in our offices, our homes…? Even so, I use smaller, mobile devices just as much in these ‘permanent’ locations as I would ‘on the road’.

And so I argue that we are now always mobile – either as an evolving mobile workforce or on a journey towards a better evolution of our business.

Now more than ever, the journey is the destination and our success lies in the permanence of being mobile.

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