In order for Apple and the other tablet manufacturers to put out a device that makes sense as an all purpose reader, they must have e-ink. We have been lead to believe that digital ink technology with a refresh rate powerful enough to drive video does not exist.  Not true.

Take a look at PixelQI’s technology that will be driving the Notion Ink Smartpad.  A spin-off from the early inventions of electronic paper, it’s combined with an LCD. It’s dual-purpose screen behaves much like the e-ink display on an e-reader for daylight, long battery-life performance, but it can also display movies too. It also works as a traditional full-color backlit LCD. These screens rival the best epaper displays on the market today but in addition have video refresh and fully saturated color.  The epaper mode has 3 times the resolution of the fully saturated color mode allowing for a high resolution reading experience without sacrifice to super color fidelity for graphics.

If what is promised can be delivered via the likes of Apple, Kindle and other eBooks may become less prevalent devices than expected, and the Apple’s of the world could well take the lead. After all, why carry two devices?

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