This is not a movie review…there are plenty of those. This is my take on how we will evolve with technologies like those that have inspired and made this film possible.

Actors as we know them will cease to exist. The everyday man…the undiscovered talent…the struggling actor, with the gifted inflection of voice, but not necessarily the outward beauty that Hollywood demands will replace them. Companies will emerge that create these complex characters complete with PR campaigns that breath life into these fictitious creations by placing them in the real world. These companies will ‘lease’ their creations out to the film studios at a much lower cost than the millions that Brad Pitt demands. These same companies will license the right to bring Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Dean back from the dead…

Gaming will develop to the point where we will be able to insert ourselves into any narrative, via our own avatar, and become part of the experience. Technology will reach the point where we will not even be able to tell the difference. It will be truly immersive. Psychologically this will be our largest challenge as many of us will prefer the invented worlds vs. our own. Some of us already do. As a result, the ‘Second Live’s’ as we know them today may be the precursor for the ultimate parallel universe for those that wish to live ‘elsewhere’.

We are already in love with our machines – our technology. Given that, this is not that far of a stretch. If I have children in this lifetime, getting them purposefully involved in gaming may be just as important as learning Chinese, for it will be the way we navigate the emerging world.  Gaming will be the new driver’s license and is a lot more complex than learning how to drive a car. So, start early.

Take a read about the new level of interaction on Sony’s Playstation platform with the release of Sodium One.

After the Avatar screening, a friend turned to me and said “Wow, she was fantastic. I’m never going to be able to meet anyone like her”.  He bought the fantasy and wanted to dive in. You could sense the frustration on his face.

When will all this happen?…it’s happening now and the reality of getting lost within another dimension is here.

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