Comics, long frowned upon by the literary set may start to take a front seat in storytelling via the graphic novel – which has been growing in popularity over the last decade. Already a leading inspiration for development within the film industry, a few traditional authors have elected to have their novels illustrated as graphic novels in order to better reach new audiences.

Savvy educational textbook publishers are also starting to get in on the act (kids are inspired by the storyboard-like visualization vs. the dry nature of educational textbooks) – a smart move.

Brands would be well suited to capitalize on this trend, especially those that are already a part of pop culture. While a digital recreation of the graphic novel has yet to be successfully recreated online, an execution cannot be far off. The art-form can inspire wonder akin to an animated feature without the expense – especially if live clips and sounds are incorporated digitally. More affordable than live action footage or expensive  photography – the value delivered would be tremendous.

This is an art-form that is long overdue to be catapulted into the mainstream, and one that is ready for mass forms of digitization.

From the New York Times: A World of Words Reinvented in Pictures
Multimedia software application narrates popular children’s stories: Castle Builders


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