Having lectured at universities over the years I was always amazed at how pedantic and backward the content of most textbooks were vs. the actualities of our fast-paced communications industry. How many times I longed to change the curriculum to better reflect reality. Often hard to do with scholarly auditors watching from the back of class as you hand out poorly copied xerox’s of more recent industry material from a school copy machine that groaned like an old man walking up his last flight of stairs.

Now it seems Macmillan (one of the largest textbook publishers) is jumping at the opportunity to allow educators the chance to customize and change the text and construct of a curriculum to best suit their style, the industry or overall approach of the institution.

The opportunity for better, more updated information is obvious, but marry this with digital textbooks at the fraction of the cost and we may have an even better use for those Kindles and iPads.

One thought on “ Digital advance for education with Textbooks rewritten…literally! ”

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