This holiday season, give yourself the gift of securing your own address.

“Now why would I need that?” you ask, “…especially when I have my own Facebook and LinkedIn profiles???”. It’s a great questions – but think about it…do you want Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr or any one of these singularly focused networks to define who you are, especially when your own personal expression has to conform to their template? Granted, some give you more flexibility than others, but regardless, any one of these profiles by themselves misrepresent us as a whole.

It really does make sense for every single one of us to have a destination URL. An easy to find 101 on us. One that jumps to the top of search queries, saving folks from having to gather info from all of your online profiles – assuming they can even find them. and do just that. A recent review gives the more favorable review, but you can be sure that added features are on the way for Flavors.

Read the review: wins the taste test over its profile page competitor

Originally a sceptic, despite the fact that I have had my own site up at for many years now, @agreenberg convinced me that this tactic is not just for us geeks in the ‘tech’ industry.

Overall, this is a simple idea that I’m now betting really takes off. So, take control of your own personal brand and give yourself the gift of a personal URL before the land grab for names begins. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Holidays!

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