They have the best algorithm, many of us have made money on their stock on multiple occasions throughout the years, they truly want to make a difference in the world, and they aren’t evil – but is the darling of search about to get it’s ass kicked?

Social relevancy isn’t everything but it sure counts for a lot these days as we struggle through pages of irrelevant search results. As Microsoft’s Bing partners with Facebook to deliver a simple and elegant social search solution it becomes clear that we could all use a little help from our friends. I’ve even started using Ping on iTunes with suprising results.

Now the #2 and fastest growing search engine (Bing) partners with the #1 in social networking to deliver what may end up being the most powerful combination in search. Facebook already counts for more click-throughs than Google when it comes to media links and you can bet that Microsoft is betting that the same strategy will work for them too. The ability to ‘Like’ a link as well as share or email search finds directly with your friends on Facebook is a huge plus. Zuckerberg was very accurate when he pointed out this morning during the press conference that search UI has not changed in years and Bing has made great strides in evolving this.

Now, I don’t like to see anyone fail, and like everyone else, I am a BIG Google fan.  However this is sure to be a big wakeup call for Google to get their Buzz on…and fast.

Microsoft stock is starting to look a whole lot more interesting.

For details on the features that are launching take a look at the links below.

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