With the rise of Google+ and your ability to sort your friends into as many categories (circles) as you would like, it’s the ultimate privacy setting as you can elect who sees what on a post by post basis! How are Facebook and Twitter to compete? Of course you can already sort your friends inside of Facebook, but the usability of this feature is buried and involves a maddening process. Twitter does not have this feature at all! Not to mention that this type of activity is easily embarked upon at the start of building your network as opposed to having to go back and group hundreds of friends after-the-fact…who has the time for that?!

Enter Katango. Via Facebook connect, Facebook friends are automatically grouped based upon not just your relationship to them, but based upon all communications between linked friends – along with Katango’s secret sauce. I was a sceptic at first, but I was amazed at the accuracy and ‘magic’ of how fast the application was able to group my friends. Facebook or Twitter simpy have to buy this company if the have any hopes of competing with the privacy and usability of Google+’s ‘circles’.

Katango, I am sold. It’s a no – brainer. Can you help me to automatically do the same for Google+?


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