I’m all for contextual content & digital media allows for better integration but you cannot put lipstick on a pig – the format is still an advertorial and the consumer will not be fooled. Is this just another desperate attempt by publishers to monetize? The problem with Native Advertising is the fact that it is ‘advertising’ while trying to disguise itself as value added, journalism driven content. The consumer will not be fooled and are more likely to be aggravated once they figure out ‘who paid for the content’.

I don’t have anything against the advertorial format, but most approaches serve the advertiser more than they serve the reader, and that is the fundamental problem. Rather than publishers trying to ’embed’ brand content or ‘hosting’ brand content disguised as editorial, why don’t both parties better collaborate to bring something of greater value to their readers and viewers. If all brands are to become serious content publishers, they need to understand the difference between creating advertising and pure-form valuable content. If you think about it, most brands are in a better position than most publishers or networks to talk about, entertain or educate around their business niche given they have so much knowledge and data from decades of focus.

Coming off of the Native Advertising Summit this past week, I challenge advertisers to become true content creators around their area of expertise vs. continuing to pollute the consumer with advertising. Rich rewards await for those who get this right.

INFOGRAPHIC: Native Ads Vs. Display Ads (And How Mobile Fits In)

Have we moved beyond Church & State? Top publishers discuss the reality of native advertising.

Desperately Seeking a Digital Media Model


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