Last week, Bing Chen, Global Creator Development Lead for YouTube announced he was leaving to join what is sure to be a disruptive entertainment platform.
Bing’s post announcing his departure is a fantastic and welcome read, especially for those looking to catch up on the ‘culture’ that has been and will continue to disrupt entertainment. He highlights the differences of a ‘culture’ driven by passion and community, as new stars build family and connect directly with their fans.
One major point that stuck out for me was the fact that Millennial’s value digital connections as much as ‘real ones’. It makes sense given digital comms are all this generation has ever known. It is a very touching post as Bing walks us through some of the highlights of YouTube’s growth and how the community of rising talent operate like a family that support the backbone of an industry that is still in the process of being built. I wish Bing all the best on his next adventure…



Tomorrow is my last day at YouTube. It’s hard to describe leaving your birthplace–this is the only full time job I’ve ever known (I’m spoiled!). I suppose you could say that Bing was born at Google (too easy). Part of this will be platitudinal (I love cheese), and part of this will sound self-aggrandizing, Trojan Horsing some of my most memorable achievements over the last four years–but I assure you that’s hardly the intent. Instead, my hope is to show the breadth and depth of care, thought, and relentless love we hold for our community, even if it wasn’t always apparent. And most importantly, to show how–in every small and great way–you, the creators, moved me.

I was lucky enough to be hired into Marissa Mayer’s accelerated management program with a Creative Writing degree (I can read and write good) in an unprecedented recession, where new grad unemployment topped 40%…

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