You heard that right…virtual influencers are now not only being embraced, but significant investment is being poured into the category not only from the creator IP side, but brands are jumping on-board too…and it is paying off.

If I had you rolling your eyes at ‘influencer’, hold on, because what you think you thought this was all about – it ain’t. 

The idea of creating and growing the influence of virtual personalities to compete with human ‘influencers’ [eye-roll] sounds like a wild idea. What are we willing to accept as reality anyway? Is it our waking life…our dreams? What about the virtual worlds being forged across gaming and within our fast developing AR and VR worlds. What about AI technologies? Have you heard that there is only a 1 in a million chance that what we experience is in fact base reality anyway?

…and talk about the size and influence of these ‘virtual’ markets. Today it is a $37billion business with mobile gaming generating an estimated income of over $77 billion.

But this is not just about gaming or what we are willing to accept as reality. This is not even about the competition between what is real or what is made up…this is quite simply about storytelling. Think of every animated film you have ever seen and how we bond with the carefully developed characters created within those. That is influence!

So, regardless of whether you are a gamer or VR explorer, the only thing you need to understand is that this is about the power of story. Whether real or made up…virtual influencers are on the rise and the connections we make to them through the stories we tell are only limited by our own imaginations.

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2 thoughts on “ The growing influence of virtual Influencers… ”

  1. so glad your blogging again – always love reading your wisdom – were locked down again from Thursday so will be home a lot – lets catch up?

    Christian Banfield Director & Photographer

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