As we look to  build our own personal brands, we have quickly realized the danger of full transparency – especially without the likes of some very personalized privacy settings. With many an HR department screening candidates via Twitter and FB, social discrepancy is becoming more the norm than not. You could even argue that this modern day ‘skin’ replicates the table manners of yore. Just as socially accepted etiquette hid behind a wide brimmed fedora or classically trained table manners, we are now fast-realizing that a code of social conduct is not only re-emerging, but, after a period of balls-to-the-wall, no-holds-barred-t-&-a-in-your-face transparency, is actually welcomed.

As the social web continues to press our comfort levels, lets not be surprised that this code of conduct is what saves our society…helps us save face and at it’s very core helps uphold the civility that ultimately holds our civilization together.

As an aside, it’s funny how this personally means that we need to watch what we post, but for companies or brands we demand full transparency.

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